Swedish Television Honours Castro

On Saturday evening, December 2, the Swedish public TV broadcasting company, SVT, will show a four hour salute in honour of Fidel Castro and Cuban communism. According to SVT December 2 is a day of celebration. It is Castro’s eightieth birthday and the fiftieth anniversary of the revolution. Because of this SVT has put together a four hour programme with documentaries about Cuba. A panel of so called experts will also share their opinions.

I think this finally settles the debate about whether Swedish public television is having a strong socialist bias or not. None of the documentaries will bring up the most apparent problem that the Cuban people suffer from, the absence of basic human rights. None of the invited “experts” are Cuban dissidents or others with a critical standpoint. Rather, the guests are communists themselves and outspoken supporters of Castro and his regime.

It is an outrage! To say the least. That is why I write this post in English. It is my hope that someone out there, outside the small pond named Sweden, should react to what is going on here. It is a cry for help. Come and see the madness that is going on in my country! Help us, please, because we do not know what we are doing!

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15 reaktioner till “Swedish Television Honours Castro”

  1. Stefan, what kind of help do you want? Should Swedish television not show documentaries about Cuba? Should they not say that there is a celebration on Cuba?

    You say that none of the experts are critical against Cuba. Are you aware that one of them, the author René Vazquez Diaz, have been deported from Cuba and is very critical against the Cuban regim?

    Were did you get the information that none of the expert are critical against the regim?

  2. LeoB:

    René Vazquez Diaz didn’t say anything critical against Cuba as I watched the program. But he said lots of very good things about the Castro regime. He actually praised it! He is considered the only cuban in Sweden who is a very pro cuban regime. Can you mention a less Castro critical than him?

    BTW, I assume you are a communist yourself. The kind of false words you give usually comes from pro Castro communists themselfes.

    What was the critics toward the cuban regime that you heard? Anything that could be said on Cuba, or? I think that marginal critics against to little social politics is no relevant criticism. To not mention that Cuba have political dissidents and a totalitarian regime with political repression as torture and death was a major error in the program broadcasted. SVT may have broken the (public service) rules that gives it its right to broadcast at all! I hope this will be further investigated.

  3. I don’ think that the rest of the world can help us, and ow when we have a non socialist government, why don’t we look after the employment process on SVT? The fact is that new journalists are picked from political left orginazations, and often communists are employed. It the employment process is not runned on local SVT level, but is (forced to be) done by employment professionals which gives e.g. two or three alternatives for the local SVT office, then the communists may no longer be half the SVT staff…

  4. Magnus:

    I guess you also are talking about the René Vazquez Diaz who has said that his highest dream is a democracy on Cuba? I believe he has also supported book production on Cuba. Maybe I am wrong, maybe you are talking about a totally different person?

    I think that he also has said that he does not like Cuban American National Foundation. He says that is a terrorist organization on the right wing. (Did it not blow an airoplane? Was not 73 persons killed there?) Is it the same person we are writing about?

    I suppose you do not want me to assume that you liked that those 73 persons above where killed? Ah, good! And maybe you want to say something about your assumption that I am a communist too? ;-)

    I have nothing to say about the program however. I did not watch it. That was not my point when I commented here. I commented on that Stefan wrote that SVT where celebrating Cuba. As far as I can see that is clear nonsense.

    Fidel Castro and Cuba are important whatever opinion you or me have about them. That was the reason for the program. Unfortunately it was sent on the same day there was a celebrating on Cuba, but if I understand things correctly the celebrations on Cuba should have taken place earlier this year from the beginning.

  5. Yes, René say he is dreaming about “democracy” on Cuba (most swedish pro cuban communists does his; all I have listen to!), but he is also quite satisfied with what is achieved on Cuba (most pro cuban communists are).

    René has had articles o Cuba in a communist paper as well as a very radical socialist magazine in Sweden, where he defend the murder of the cuban opposition and dissidents. Of course he don’t like the Cuban American National Foundation. This is an organization for real democracy on Cuba, consisting of political refugees who left Cuba, risking their lives, floating on peaces of wood.


    That was a wimsy argument from you. If he is against CANF, that only proove he has no agenda of democracy.

    I don’t know what plane you talk about, but I guess it’s som communist propaganda against the cuban freedom movement. (Don’t think that the democracy-movement kills people that flies airoplanes. Not even killes people according to their belief, as Castro do.)

    According to the links on your blog one can guess you are a socialdemokrat.

    The SVT’s CEO Eva Hamilton says SVT was “celebrating” Fidel Castro, and the web site as well as the introduction to the programs of the evening was using this reason why Fidel Castro and “his” Cuba was the theme of the night. How can you see the celebration theme as nonsence? From SVT or what… Tip: Before you accuse someone, try to fetch just the smallest basics.

    I shall nog in detail critizice the last sentence built on your as well as complete also consistent erronous assumption, but shall comment one lines “Fidel Castro and Cuba are important … if I understand things correctly … should have taken place earlier this year”

    This date is the most unimportant thing about Cuba, and this has no relevance for a SVT program that itself as well as its companys highest boss says it “celebrate” the cuban “leader”. You can’t close your eyes so hard that oyu can avoid see this fact about the SVT production!

    But even IF it was as you say — that SVT did not celebrated Castro, shich they say they did!!! — the program only gave ONE perspective and view on the subject. Lets hope you’re not a complete idiot and are able to satisfactory check the facts mentioned above, then you shall understand that it was only Fidel Castro and his view on Cuba that the movies was reflecting and that the Castro supporters in the studio (which you maybe still not admit are Fidel Castro supporters…) didn’t add much to Castros perspective.

    I do think that Cuba and Castro are a interresting and can have an evening in SVT (although not more important than any other country or more important to understand than other countries). But the only thing this SVT Castro-evening was enabled was the misunderstanding of a dictator and a totalitarian socialistic cruel repressing regime. It was a the Fidel apologetic evening, no more no less!

    You can see the programs on svt.se right now and for 28 more days.

    See it, listen to the reason why SVT broadcast the program and hear thm say that noone can say that Cuba is a dictature and that the Castro movies will help us to understand Cuba. No dissidents. Not the word dictator. Just a peaceful Fidel Castro.

    Then come back and tell us again that René Vazquez Diaz, the most dedicated swedish Castro lover, is a democracy fighter against the “right wing” (oh, the evil!!!) dissidents, or whatever you want… I don’t like you, and still think you are kinda de facto communist. Like it or not!

  6. Why I think You support Castro and are a communist more than a socialdemokrat depends on that You choosed to not believe told facts about why SVT send the Castro program on his birthday, and that you try to prove it with an odd theory with different dates of birth stuff. Well, You might also be a complete nut. But the way You defend the pro Castro René Vazquez Diaz indicate that you’re a communist. I can’t think of anyone beeing such …a nut to believe that René is a defendor of democracy and at the same time be a common sence opponent to the Castro regime. Well, maybe a socialdemokrat, just reading what René says and with no criticism believing every word.

    Anything is possible and I shouldn’t judge… sorry all this …nut!

  7. Magnus:

    I am sorry, but my answer will be a bit shorter than yours.

    René is maybe a communist, but still he has said he want democracy on Cuba. I want the same so René and I seems to be on the same side there. May I assume that you are on the same side regarding this? May I assume that we then all three of us are in a sense against the current Cuban regime? (Or do you prefer like Groucho Marx not to be in this “club”?)

    I do not know very much about the aeroplane, but please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luis_Posada_Carriles
    Like all information we get we have to doubt it of course. It may not be true that CANF was involved, but it looks so from that page.

    Can you point me to some web page where SVT really say that they are celebrating Cuba and/or Castro? The only thing I have been able to find is that they wrote “Cuba celebrates double on 2nd December” (Swedish: “Den 2 december firar Kuba dubbelt”.) This of course has a quite different meaning. Or do you, in the same vein, mean that you are celebrating Castro when you write “they are celbrating Castro”?

    Unfortunately I do not think I have time to watch the program for some time.

    I absolutely do not know why I should care if you like me or not. But I do find it interesting that you write that you do not like me. As far as I know I have never met you.

  8. 1. A communist that say he/she wants democracy dont mean the same thing as a non-communist that say he/she wants democracy. In fact this man is satisfied with the Cuban society, and he – as many communist has suggest – wants small scale decision groups on the work places. That is “participation democracy” – deltagardemokrati. Something that will not threat the communist dictator. So RVD is not against today regime. He likes it very much! He will improve it a bit with good old commie stuff. I am not agree with him, and I guess you don’t either.

    2. Counter terrorist that used violence against totalitarian states that used violence against its own people, that is something one can’t avoid. People driven by despair. We have as well the Chechnyan terrorists in Russia (Chechnya suffering from more or less a “massmurder war”).

    There is also no evidence, no proof for the airplane. Carrilles “is alleged to have been involved in …”. That he was a spy and a dissident working for the destruction of communist Cuba, should that be a dishonour? If people in the Baltic states or in Hungary did struggle to minimize the Soviet influence and to drive the communists away, should we have blamed them at all? René Vazquez Diaz is here (most possibly even IRL) on the Sovjet side and in defence of political murder!

    3. CEO Eva Hamilton said that SVT celebrate Castro and the Cuban revolution. They write and telled us in TV that the reason to let Fidel talk and not disturbed the dictator Fidel Castro point of view that evening was that Castro had his birthday. That’s more than enough! They gave him a certain special gift saying that the gift was for his anniversary. You shall see the first minutes. Don’t keep saying you have not the time! If you can discuss this here you have also that time!!

    Why shall I reply to You at all. You invented some ridiculous arguments without listen to anything that had been said, but was very critical to what you fantasized had been said :-( I don’t like or want to encourage that kind of “you are stupid and I believe the world is completely flat!”-attitude.

    I don’t like You because You accuse us for not knowing what we are talking about, but You not knowing even any of the basics that You talking about. You take a pro Castro communist for a true speaker in complicated matters regarding human rights or democracy. I really don’t like that or your light weight “You don’t know nothing(!) and the defendor of the murder of political dissident says he likes democracy”-attitude. I cant force you to use your brain, so I wish you good luck. hav a
    nswered at least. And if you cant see the answers here, read it again. They are there! I don’t like your style and dont want to discuss further topics. Bye-bye!

  9. Magnus:
    You do not have to reply at all again, but I want to comment on your thoughts a bit.

    I do not think you should say what René V-D mean with democracy. That is something he should say. Otherwise we will just be discussing your view of René. (I do find this interesting too, but I do not want to discuss it.)

    I agree that there are no direct evidences about the airplane. I hope I did make that clear before?

    I am a bit worried about your arguments for bombing an airplane. Are you really sure you want to argue that way? What about 11/9?

    Would you say in court that Eva H said that SVT were celebrating Castro? Can you perhaps make a transcript of what you hear her saying?

    I would say that every human is worth listening to. You too. Which does not mean I agree with everything, but hopefully with something you say. But it is hard to listen sometimes. It is more easy the more honest you are of course.

  10. “I do not think you should say what René V-D mean with democracy. That is something he should say.”

    I discussed what he say about it.

    “Otherwise we will just be discussing your view of René.”

    I must make my own comments on his view, otherwise there is no point in comment him at all. I have also the freedom to give y view of democracy which I knoew is not the same as R V-D’s.

    “(I do find this interesting too, but I do not want to discuss it.)”

    Everything that we discuss wwe have to put into our knowledge and perception, otherwose we are not true to ourselfes. That’s why it is impossibkle to just qoute R V-D without describe his view and share our knowledge of what it means. That discussioin is also an important part of the understanding of R V-D, because we can’t understand nothing but within a discourse. Else it makes no meaning. So it is important to add that R V-D enjoy that there is democracy in today Cuba to your word that R V-D wants demodracy on Cuba.

    But I did, and I can do it in small details, discussed the kind of democracy that R V-D is support. I can qoute him and promise that it is nothing amigious points of view or any screwed picture I give on his democracy view. If You think I lie, You have to gove a counter proof. That’s the way discussion goes!

    But I am never gonna just give phrases from other without put them into a frame of knowledge! Not for anyone! To do that uncommented reference on a communist is to let the communist message be promoted; the communist message I believe is intrinsicly false propaganda, as most other messages, but communism is also a smart fascism struggle against life and freedom. So that was what You here advised me to do! And You are not a communist? Don’t think that!

    I’m not argument for bombing airplanes! I say that in a defence fight against a totalitarian and heavily repressive regime there can be despaired people doing terror

    Fidel Castro has murdered a lot more than 73 people, but of course I don’t think that it is right to kill innocent people in a freedom fight. I also don’t think that the argument from R V-D about the plane makes any difference in the defence of R V-D, as You obviously thought when You used that thing from him to defend him as a sound person regarding his view on Cuba.

    R V-D support Castro and the murderer of dissidents on Cuba, and You think he has good points of views regarding Cuba! You are for sure a communist! Whatever you call yourself: from these standpoints you can’t be judge as anything else than a hard communist. That is the common discource, no matter what you say about this!

    If I would say in court that Eva said… I will say that Mattias Svensson said that Eva said, and that this was publicly broadcasted, because that’s the case. I wont lie in court (stupid!), and You make me sick with Your first idea that SVT had no idea of the anniversary with the revolution and Castro and now that SVT itself did not celebrated Fidel Castro. If the reason that SVT send the most positive Castro film feasable the date when they say they know that Castro has his anniversary is omthing else than the anniversary, then You are right, but else the
    y celebrate Fidel Castro, no doubt about that! But I remember that Eva was talking about what was to happen in SVT and I believe Mattias Svensson, so in court I say that Eva for dure said that SVT celebrated Castro, despite I didn’t hear it myself. So I can’t make a transcript. But SVT did celebrated Fidel Castro anyway. You can’t get away from that.

    I can assure You I’m allways trying to be honest. On Cuba I would have been dead long ago – I hope!

  11. My uncle was of swedish origins and was killed by Fidel Castro and his henchmen. My uncles name was Clarence William Nordberg. He was an oridinary man, trying to make a living. He was not even a very political person. He lived in Cuba and ran a plantation farm.
    Fidel Castro kidnapped him off his farm and took a pint of blood from him a day, trying to extract information from my Uncle.
    To hell with Castro. My Uncle knew nothing about the politics or anything. Yet he was innocently killed. An old man to boot. Anyone who gives honor to a man who kills for his own personal power is also sick.

    So now you know. Castro really does not care about Swedish people or their ways or customs. He only cares what is in it for him. Open your eyes and cry out for the people he killed. Pray for peace and pray for Castro. He needs it more than anyone in the world.

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