Mr Bush and Mr Reinfeldt

Some strange claims have been made by the blog “Kulturbloggen” that Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt should be embarrassed by his party’s ties to the American Republican Party. Citing the now fired political correspondent of the paper Expressen, the blog says that:

“Officially the conservative Party in Sweden, which Reinfeldt is the leader of, are supporting The Democrats.”

This is just wrong. The Moderate Party is a conservative party and as such it has always had ties with the Republican Party. Nothing new and nothing to be ashamed of. However, some of the Moderate Party’s ideas are more in line with the American Democrats. This comes from the simple fact that the whole entire political spectrum in Sweden is tilted to the left. The left wing of the Moderate Party overlap the right wing of the Democrats.

I also wonder how the reporter Niklas Svensson suddenly became an expert in these matters. Isn’t his credibility null and void? He was after all fired from his job at Expressen since he admitted that he had hacked in to the Social Democratic Party’s intranet, and is currently under criminal investigation.


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  1. Du har en poäng i ditt inlägg tycker jag. Den poltiska arenan i de två stora partierna i USA spänner mycket vidare än de två stora i Sverige.

    Jag tror dock att det finns tydligare koppling att (s) aldrig skulle ta sida för republikanerna, medan (m), som du skriver, alltid har band med republikanerna då de båda partierna är konservativa i grunden.

    mvh/ J

  2. Stefan,

    That is not entirely correct. The mistake you are making is that you adjust to the left-wingers and their obsession with American politics and George Bush. The Moderate Party is not a conservative party per se, although many of its members are. Personally, I’m very much a libertarian representative of the Moderate Party.

    The Social Demarcates needs an enemy they can bash rhetorically. That is why they so desperately try to label their opponents “conservative” and pro-Bush – by doing so they hope to establish a self-image of radicalism and progressivism. The truth, however, is that Swedish present-day conservatism – in every sense of the term – is tightly tied to the Social Democrats, the Swedish Trade Union Confederation, and people like Rosmari Södergren.

    The Moderate Party has never had any real link to the Republican Party. As far is I know, individual representatives have visited and participated in American election campaigns for at least three parties – the Republicans, the Democrats, and the Libertarian Party.

    Furthermore, as Moderates we should never allow any Social Democrat trying to link us to Bush to forget that while they were in government they themselves supported and hailed the same Mr Bush. It makes sense, since former PM Göran Persson makes just about everyone look like a radical sceptic.

  3. The moderates/conservatives have claimed themselves to be the new workerparty. If they suddenly say they support the democrats, well why not?
    Thats why I trusted in Politikerbloggen.
    That might be wrong. But why hide the Photo? Are they ashamed or what?

  4. No reliable source has any information about any hidden photo. Thus, a reasonable conclusion is that it hasn’t happened.

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