Israelis committing “massacre” in Gaza, socialdemocratic leader Sahlin says

I’m writing this in English hoping that an international audience will take note of what the leader of the Swedish opposition, Mona Sahlin, is saying about Israel’s war in Gaza. It is a “massacre.”

As the leader of the Social Democratic Party of Sweden Sahlin is in position to become Prime Minister if the left wing coalition regains power after the 2010 elections. This would mean that Sweden would be run by a Prime Minister that thinks Israel have committed war crimes and killed civilians indiscriminately.

I hope all international observers of Sweden take note of this and reports back home. After 2010 Sweden might move into its most anti-israeli period ever.

Sahlin’s statement can be heard and read at the website of Swedish Radio: For you who don’t read Swedish I recommend Google Translate.

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3 reaktioner till “Israelis committing “massacre” in Gaza, socialdemocratic leader Sahlin says”

  1. Steady flow of news gets ever more embarrassing for Israel. This crucial facor to be considered determinant we are by now about ready for an antecipative conclusion: the victor of this war is Hamas.

  2. This is an outrageous statement by the Swedish social-democratic opposition leader. If she will form the government in 2010, I hope that Israel will see to it that Sweden (and her government) gets absolutely no influence what so ever in the peace process.

    The commenter above, Peter Ingestad, is a notorious antisemite by the way.

  3. Finally a Swedish minister thinking more about peace, human rights and international rights than about politic advantages and economy. Israeli politic is to blame for the rise of anti- Israeli feelings in Sweden not Mona Sahlin.

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