Michael Moore doesn’t like us anymore. What a relief!

The movie maker, and far left wing pundit, Michael Moore has written an open letter to the Swedish government. In his letter he accuses Sweden of not prosecuting rapists unless Sweden is forced to do so by conservative parliamentarians and the United States government.

As a member of the American far left Moore has idealized the Swedish welfare system and labour laws. That is what all left wing Americans do. It must be sad for these people to realize that this country now is run by a coalition headed by the Conservatives. Maybe that is why Moore is so upset.

Anyway, there is a simple explanation for the Swedish rape statistics. We have recently changed the legal definition of what constitutes rape. Today more incidents are regarded as rape. We also have a strong women’s movement in Sweden, and they have been very efficient in encouraging women to report all incidents.

The accusations against Julian Assange follows this pattern perfectly. The women who filed the complaint have absolutely no connections with any conservative parliamentarian or the U.S. government whatsoever. That’s just ridiculous. At least one of them happen to be a socialist, feminist and human right activist.

The whole story is really weird, that is true, but I am happy to see that well known American lefties like Michael Moore or Naomi Klein believe that the Swedish government has been kidnapped by the CIA or something. I am happy to see that those self appointed ambassadors of Sweden to the United States dosen’t like us anymore. I feel relieved.

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